Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Good Evening All !!!
Hope you have all had a nice day,i have been working today and then had to go off to the doctor's earlier tonight as i have come out in a LOAD of spot's (not amused) but thankfully it's nothing serious just an allergic reaction to something most probably my shampoo as it is now getting made with a new formula.

Anyway enough about me !! This card i have made 12 of for the wee boy's in my son's nursery, i figured this image would be perfect...i actually done these yesterday morning just never got a chance to post this lastnight...i was planning on doing the girl's card's between tonight and tomorrow but i have been to busy and tomorrow i need to go into work so i it will have to wait till tomorrow night.

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams love and hugs Nikki xxxxx 

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