Thursday, 24 September 2009

Daisy and Dandilion christmas card

Morning ladies.....i was in Edinburgh visiting my mum and dad on monday we went out for the day to livingstone me and my mum visited a couple of craft shops which was great i got a few nice things which was great my mum stamped me a good few images (as i don't have alot) and i got to go raking for things to bring home, i come home with loads thank you mum........back to the card, one of many christmas cards, i just love daisy and dandilion i think they are so cute! I am hopefully going to get a couple more done today after the never ending cleaning is done. Have a lovely day hugs Nikki xxxxxx

Monday, 14 September 2009

Apologies from my mum

Morning ladies my mum has asked me to leave a wee note on my blog as her computer is broken and she can't get anything posted or recieve any emails anyone has sent her, if anyone needs to get in touch with her just drop me a wee note and i will let her know, apologies from her hugs nikki xxxx

Monday, 7 September 2009

Birthday card

Second post for today.......This card is for no-one in particular......i have made this with goodies i got from my mum, just practising as i have not been doing this long...i am sure the card will come in handy for someone.....hugs nikki xxx

Nephew/cousin birthday card

Good morning ladies.....i have 2 posts for today this is my first one i have made this card for my nephew who's birthday is tomorrow, i have made it a nephew and cousin card as the other image i had for making a cousin card i did not have anything to put on with it.I just hope he likes it.
Hugs Nikki xxxx