Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Good Evening All !!!
Hope you have all had a nice day,i have been working today and then had to go off to the doctor's earlier tonight as i have come out in a LOAD of spot's (not amused) but thankfully it's nothing serious just an allergic reaction to something most probably my shampoo as it is now getting made with a new formula.

Anyway enough about me !! This card i have made 12 of for the wee boy's in my son's nursery, i figured this image would be perfect...i actually done these yesterday morning just never got a chance to post this lastnight...i was planning on doing the girl's card's between tonight and tomorrow but i have been to busy and tomorrow i need to go into work so i it will have to wait till tomorrow night.

Goodnight and Sweet Dreams love and hugs Nikki xxxxx 

Monday, 26 September 2011

CPS Challenge Card

Hi guy's, I'm back again...while John was at nursery this afternoon i decided to give the CPS challenge a go....i just hope i am doing this all right as it has been so long lol...this week's challenge is a sketch nip over and have a go...love and hugs Nikki xxxx

Me to You Card

Hi Guy's....i know it has been a LONG time, sorry i have not been around i had to get rid of my crafting desk and pack all my crafting stuff away into a corner, i just don't have the room but hopefully i'll have a bigger house soon (i'm near top of the list now yipee) and i will be able to get a new desk and things, so last night i decided it was time to haul everything out and make some card's so from about 8 O'clock lastnight i have been sat on my couch and using my coffee table as a desk not the most comfortable but need's must !!! 

This is the first creation i have come up with i have used my free Me to You stamp and my Me to You paper's i am really happy with the result seen as i have not done any thing for a while.

So while John is away to nursery i am off to do some more crafting i will nip around everyone's blog's later for a wee nosey to see what i have been missing....love and hugs Nikki xxxxx