Saturday, 14 November 2009

Birthday cards for my gran

Good morning ladies....just a quick post before i go out in this horrible is my gran's birthday on Tuesday we are all going down to see her are the cards i have made her...hope you have a nice day hugs nikki xxxxx


  1. Lovely cards Nikki, hope she has a great birthday.
    x Michelle

  2. Great card Nikki, I am off out today to send flowers from Tommy, not been a great weekend, but Mhairi and Allen were on good form so in a weird way they helped. Mhairi seemed okay about you not coming, I think she just likes to be with you, sorry for leaving know what I mean, hope your headache is better, I was dreaming of a headache all Saturday night and woke up with a belter yesterday, bit off a problem when you start dreaming about your pains...LOL. Yes I still need you on Thursday my darling, I am going to meet Regan for coffee too...Love you my darling girl....Mum xxxxx

  3. Sorry me back, meant to say cards, your Gran is going to love them......Hugs Mum xxx

  4. Hi Nikki, your gran is going to absolutely adore your cards, they are so very beautiful. And thank you so much for your concern for me. Bless you and with love and hugs Shirleyxxxx


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