Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Award from my wonderful mum

I have recieved this award from my mum whom i would like to thank very much she is such an insperation to are my answers.......

1.Where is your mobile ?....beside me
2. Your hair ?.....absaloute mess
3. Your mother ?.... most wonderful woman in the world
4. Your father ?....a wonderful man whom i'm proud he stopped smoking 5-6 weeks ago.
5. Your favourite food ?.....roast beef
6. Your dream lastnight?....can't remember having a dream
7. Your favourite drink ?......mogans and coke .
8. Your dream ? get a bigger house.
9What room are you in ? room.
10. Your hooby...card making and reading.
11. Fear....spiders
12. Where do you want to be in 5 years ? a new house
13. Where were you lastnight ? home.
14. Something you aren't....brainy
15. them
16. Wish list item....the new patricia cornwell book
17. Where did you grow up ?....Dundee
18. Last thing you did....washing
19. What are you wearing ?....P.J's
20. Your t.v .....playhouse disney (as always lol)
21. Pets.....1 cat tiger
22. a few friends but my best friend is my mum
23. Mood....happy
24. Life.... wouldn't change it (apart from the house)
25. Missing auntie carol she died in june
26. Vehicle....don't have one
27. Something your not wearing....make up
28. Favourite's got to be primark
29. Favourite colour.....purple
30. When was the last time you laughed......this morning my son is always making me laugh
31. Last time you cried......Sunday night (was thinking about my auntie)
32. best mum
33. One place that oi go to over and kitchen to do washing
34. Facebook......addicted on it all the time.
35. Fav place to eat ..... my mum and dads for sunday dinner.

At last now i can pass it on


I will hopefully have a couple of cards done soon hugs nikki xxx


  1. I like your post. You seem to be at peace with blending family. Your kids are beautiful. My girls also love taking pictures of themselves.

  2. OMG Nikki, just as well I was not answering these questions now, I would be answering them differently, ie. last time you cried....NOW!!! Love you so much and miss you like H..L xxxx

  3. Bless you Nikki, I will post it as soon as I feel upto it, thank you so much for thinking of me, its certainly a lovely award you so deserved it. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxxx


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