Sunday, 2 August 2009

Award from my mum

This is my first award i have recieved from my mum whom i would like to thank and tell her i love and miss loads as she stays in Edinburgh. I would like for anyone who visits my blog to take this award.


  1. Hi Nikki, I hope you get many, many followers, from this, your blog is looking great. Looking forward to the SECC show now that I know that you are coming..Love Mum. xxx

  2. Hiya Hunni, thanks very much, I shall pop it on my blog with pride.

  3. Hi Nikki, I did see your mum had mentioned you on her blog this morning, thank you so much for becoming one of my followers, and I will now join yours.
    Your mum is a really gorgeous person and you are so lucky to have her. Take care with love and hugs Shirleyxxxxx

  4. Hi Nikki, I am a very good friend of your mum's we haven't met in person yet but that will happen i am sure.
    Your blog is beautiful i love it and have just joined as a follower.

    Hope to get to know you
    talk soon

  5. Hi Nikki

    I just thought I would pop on over to visit your wonderful blog (via your mum - she's great will always give you a lift when you are down).

    You have great talent and hope to see more of it.

    Take Care

    PS I'm a follower, please pop on over to my blog when ever you like.


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Love and Hugs
Nikki xx