Sunday, 25 July 2010

Our day out to Hamilton

Good morning ladies....i don't have a card to post quite yet (i will have by the end of the day ) i just thought i would share some pictures of our lovely day out on daughter (Sinead) and i went to Hamilton to see JLS in concert it was such a great day except for the 3 hours we had to sit and wait on the concert starting lol i didn't really like JLS but my Sinead loves them so i got her tickets for her birthday and what can i say they are just amazing i am now a big fan lol and to top Friday off my wonderful dad come and picked us up and took us back to his in Edinburgh to stay the night so i got to spend yesterday with mum we sat and watched qvc most of the day lol...for all of you who know mum i would just like to say she is fine and will be back to blogging hopefully very are my pictures......

i should be back later with some and hugs Nikki xxxx

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  1. Hiya Nikki,

    Glad you had a fun day "Groupie" lol. Looks like you had the sunshine. love to you & your mum.



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